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A Journey With Strange Bedfellows
Authors of classic tales have excited the imaginations of readers for decades... Nathaniel Hawthorne, Wilkie Collins, Bram Stoker, H. H. Munro (published with nom de plume, ‘Saki’), Jerome K. Jerome, and Jack London, to name a few.  This is a presentation of some lesser known short stories, woven together in a single adventure as... A Journey With Strange Bedfellows.  
Synopsis:  It is 1889 when Hunter Brown begins a quest to secure true love in a search for mysterious Faith, the young woman of his desires.  The journey begins in Victorian Great Britain, moves to Paris then eastward to Hungary and finally, western Romania (former Transylvania).  After overcoming insurmountable odds, and grave personal loss, Hunter must make the ultimate sacrifice to remain in Faith's life.  There are twists and turns, surprises and... there will be blood.
Listen to a sound mix created as inspired by an event within the story. "The Clockwork Dancer" introduces the perfect dance partner in the form of a clockwork man (with a deadly embrace) that causes quite a stir at a young lady's LAST Victorian birthday ball.
Listen to the MUSIC SCORE composed and performed by Peter Van Riet that sets the perfect tone!!
A classic Victorian Gothic horror AUDIO DRAMA AND GRAPHIC NOVEL written by Jan C J Jones
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The INTRODUCTION with William Dufris as Narrator and Paul Hodgson as Hunter Brown.
A DEADLY BED (rough cut audio clip) featuring Paul Hodgson as Hunter Brown who experiences  the repercussions  from his evening in a Parisian gambling house.
 Presented in four (4) - 30 minute episodes
DEVIL! (rough cut audio clip) featuring Paul Hodgson as Hunter Brown and J P Guimont as the Cleric Traveller with Janice Gardner as the old woman.
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Graphic Novel
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Audio Drama