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Forest Rose's experience guides you toward your goals and through the creative process, while helping you to avoid costly pit-falls.  We meet with you for 2 hours to learn your goals, vision, and expectations. We determine the best (most economical, efficient) route to take. Every project is unique and doesn't require large crews and enormous expense.  We structure the project to fit your budget.  There's a saying in video production... "Good, Fast, or Cheap... Pick two," and it's true. After the consultation, we follow up with an estimated cost for your approval. 

Any unforeseen, additional hard costs must first be approved by you.

(50% of the estimated cost/budget is paid at this time to begin work.)

Pre-Production - This phase entails planning, scouting & reserving locations, selecting an appropriate crew & talent, working out the logistics & scheduling, along with structuring and/or writing the script (story).

Production - Initial Photography: The plan is initiated & the crew/s go to work. 

Post-Production - During this phase, all the "raw" materials (video, graphics, still photos, oral narration, music, etc.) are logged & organized (transcribed if needed) then brought together "in the edit" to create a complete visual story.

Rough Cut Review -  We sit with you to review the "rough" edit of the project; we note your comments, concerns, and criticisms which will direct any adjustments or modifications that are needed.

(25% of the budget is paid at this time.)

Final Cut Review -  You view what is essentially the final version of the project to make sure that the changes have been applied.

(The remaining balance is paid at this time.)

Reproduction / Replication (optional*) You determine what role you need us to play in taking the final video to finished product.  We can create cover graphics, printed materials, and/or facilitate DVD authoring, reproduction and packaging. 
*(This is on a fee-per-service basis, invoiced as agreed upon.) 

You're the

Forest Rose works with you 
to create a quality product with  few surprises, 
less stress, and 
a great outcome! 
$500 credited toward total project cost if we are contracted beyond Consultation.
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